Year Xero starts now

Why it’s time to review digital tax, Xero and your bookkeeping

As January is now over it is probably a great time to review your bookkeeping approach. Xero is a great example of newer option. The problem is we are all great at establishing habits and they can be hard to break. We love the things we know and are often slow to adapt. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, occasionally things are taken out of our control and we are forced to adopt a different practice.


Time to fly using Xero software; it will give you a birds eye view of your business

None of us like disruption and digital tax is almost here

Think about when your laptop or smartphone dies it’s a difficult job to adapt to something new even when we understand the fundamentals. We are creatures of comfort and we don’t like being disrupted. The problem is that disruption is on the horizon and digital tax is almost here.

Have you checked your current provision is compliant? 

You might well be burying your head in the sand or shrugging that you are already sorted. But have you actually checked that legacy software is actually compliant with the government’ s new digital tax? You might be surprised that some older versions no longer fulfil the function required of them. It may be a great time to check whether Xero might be a suitable replacement and also whether it’s time to outsource your bookkeeping. 


Have you paid as much attention to the financial fitness of your business?
Time to check out Xero

Bearing in mind a new year is often about new beginnings we decided that a great way to ensure 2019 was remembered for all the right reasons, was to offer some help.

You may or may not be aware that Zenza is a super cool fan of the Xero accounting system. We don’t go in for flashy celebrity adverts or endorsements so you may not have heard of Xero. Yet Xero has been steadily growing and developing advocates. In fact, many of our clients think it’s the best thing since sliced bread (whole meal and without butter of course!).

We asked Vivienne Neale of VKN Digital Ltd about her thoughts on Xero

I am a creative and that’s my excuse for not tackling some of the more mundane tasks in life. Bookkeeping has never been my forte and when I first started working on my books they were a nightmare. Am I allowed to admit that? When it came to end of year my stress levels were through the roof and after a particularly trying year I decided enough was enough and signed up with Xero. Suddenly it was as if I had stepped onto another orderly planet where my financial record keeping was so easy.

It is now quick and easy to reconcile bank accounts, I know what’s outstanding in an instant. My invoices are set up so they can simply recur without my intervention and I always know what’s going on. Working with a bookkeeper that is a Xero specialist means I never need to stress. I can simply pick up the phone and have  a solution within minutes. In addition I also benefitted from an hour’s free training so I started on the right foot.

I never wanted to be a bookkeeping expert; it really doesn’t interest me. But now that I am on top of my finances it has transformed how I manage my business. What’s the point of looking at figures retrospectively? With Xero I am always on top of everything that’s going on in my business.”

Take advantage of our digital tax special packages

Right now, to underscore the importance of achievable new year’s resolutions and in preparation for digital tax implications we are offering a special package for new Xero subscribers. We are pleased to announce a 50% discount for the first four months of a new Xero subscription. We will also add an hour’s free training and we can guarantee to lift the stress and workload from your shoulders. In a year where we face both digital tax AND a potential Brexit No Deal we will have more than enough to contend with. Why don’t you concentrate on your business and leave the digital tax compliance to us.


You might be worried about converting data from one type of software to Xero then fear not it’s not a prickly process! 

We can convert up to 24 months of your data for free. It’s certainly worth checking out and being reassured that what you are currently doing will be considered compliant further down the line.

We can convert your data from:

    • UK Sage 50 / Instant
    • UK Sage Business Cloud Accounting
    • UK QuickBooks desktop (Standard/Premier only)
    • UK QuickBooks Online

If you’d like to know more, then please do contact us, drop in for a cuppa and have a demo to see just how Xero can transform your business. If you need any other advice on bookkeeping issues then just contact us here.

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