Payroll Level Two

The International Association of Bookkeepers Award in Computerised Payroll 601/9041/3

  • Course Overview
  • Entry Requirements
  • How this course is assessed
  • Progression onto
  • Value within the industry
  • Course guide time
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  • Frequently asked questions
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Course Overview

When you enrol onto this course you will receive an IAB workbook that covers the full course, which details all the steps you need to take including screen shots and images to guide you through the course. Everything you need to know to complete the knowledge requirements within this course is covered in this workbook. So you will understand not only the practical processes, but also the reasons why they are required.

Should you not have access to a computerised payroll package we can offer access to Sage Business Cloud payroll software, which is valid for up to 180 days, the additional cost for this is £50.00; This option can be selected upon checkout.

The qualification is made up of the following two units, which are listed below:

Principles of computerised payroll legislation and processing – J/50/5782

This unit covers the following areas

  • Understand data protection and data security legislation in relation to payroll
  • Understand the general principles of legislation relating to processing the payroll
  • Understand the information required to prepare an employee payroll record
  • Understand what constitutes gross pay for different payroll periods
  • Understand the principles of  PAYE and NIC legislation and operation using commercially available computerised payroll software
  • Understand the requirements for processing and submitting payroll information using commercially available payroll software
  • Understand the procedures to adopt when dealing with a leaver
  • Understand the Statutory additions and deductions from pay that can be made using commercially available payroll software
  • Understand the need to complete period end payroll reports within a given timescale

Computerised Payroll Processing – H/508/5787

  • Be able to set up and maintain company, pension and employee records using commercially available payroll software
  • Be able to process payroll accurately for a variety of pay periods using organisational procedures and timescales
  • Be able to produce statutory and non-statutory reports
  • Be able to back up and restore data when required

The learning outcomes and assessment criteria are available here for more information

Entry Requirements

You only need to have basic literacy and numeracy skills to be able to undertake this course. You will need some payroll knowledge, ideally you would have already completed the Level One Award in Computerised Payroll.

As the course is computerised payroll, you will need basic computer skills.

How this course is assessed

The qualification is made up of:

1 – Online Knowledge Test

Online Knowledge tests are a series of independent short answer questions made up of multiple choice, gap fill, and true or false type questions. They are assessed via IAB Online and are open book. This might be taken in class or at home

2 – Online Assignments

Online Assignments are also assessed via IABOnline and are also open book. These are taken in class or at home and are short case study type questions with several tasks for each case study

1 – Paper Examination

Paper Examinations these are assessed under examination conditions. There will be a scenario which will be worked through on a computerised payroll package. A series of printouts will be generated throughout the examination and at the end. These printouts will then be submitted back to the IAB via the exam centre.

Examinations can be taken in any month and on any day (subject to the examination centre). This means that you can move up through the levels quickly as well.

Examinations require a minimum of 5 weeks notice in the UK and 8 weeks for those outside of the UK, before the examination date. This allows enough time to process the registrations and get the examination papers dispatched to the centre where you will sit your exam.

**An examination fee is payable directly to the exam centre who hosts your examination

Progression onto

Value within the industry

  • By holding this qualification, you will be recognised as being competent within the payroll industry to effectively use a computerised payroll system. You will be able to undertake advanced tasks including; Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) and use a basic Pension Scheme. Also, adding new starters and leavers, with Real Time Information (RTI) uploads. Emphasis is still placed on accuracy, whilst maintaining confidentiality and security.
  • Upon completion of the course you will be able to use the letters AIAB (Associate of the International Association of Bookkeepers) following your name.
  • You will also gain experience using professional Payroll software, which is recognised and widely used within the industry.

Course guide time

This course has 100 learning hours, which could take you between six to nine months to complete. Every learner is different and can complete it in much shorter or longer timescales.


The cost of the course is £345.00  including VAT)

Should you not have access to a computerised payroll package we can offer access to Sage Business Cloud payroll software, which is valid for up to 180 days included with the course £395.00 (including VAT)

**An examination fee is payable directly to the exam centre who hosts your examination

This includes your membership with The International Association of Bookkeepers.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have deadlines to complete work within?

You progress through your course at your own pace. Everyone has different commitments and even these can change at short notice. There are no deadlines set for your work to be submitted.

How long will the course take?

We can provide ‘guide times’ for the courses, just to give you an idea of how long it may take to complete. From enrolment, it all depends how much time you can dedicate to studying, around all of your work and personal life. Your registration with The International Association of Bookkeepers is valid for one year.

How do I know if my computer will run the software?

Xero is cloud based and is accessed through your browser, it does not need to be installed onto your computer or device, however you do need a stable internet connection. 

The system requirements to run the Sage software can be found here however, it does need a windows operating system on your PC.

For more information about Sage 50 Payroll software, please click here.

Does the course need me to attend anywhere for a lesson?

The IAB courses are distance learning, so you do not need to attend any centre at any time. You are not restricted to times of lessons, or having to attend a classroom at any fixed time or date.

Once I have paid for my course, what happens next?

Once your payment is processed and then our staff will email you an enrolment form for you to complete. Once completed, just send it back to us to process and then we will register you with the IAB. All of your learning materials will then be delivered to you and your SAGE software license emailed to you.

Course brochure

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