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Experienced bookkeepers for your business

Our experienced bookkeepers are here to help make all your bookkeeping needs run smoothly

Meet Sheryl Dougherty a top Zenza Accounts Clerk

My journey towards working at Zenza has been varied and interesting. My mantra is:

“If it’s got an in, it has to have an out!”

I am a stickler for detail. That’s probably because I worked in banking for 6 years as a first job. Then had my children and stayed at home until school. By then banking had changed. In fact  started my financial career and journey towards being an experienced bookkeeper as a cashier counting the cash. It was so different then. I would sit in the manager’s office and used to empty the big leather pouches with the credit clips and hand count the money by hand. I would then bag it, seal it and spend all day just doing that. It seems mad to think this is how things were once done and how banking has changed so dramatically.

Experienced bookkeepers know where to spot the mistakes

I would also pay cheques in, working in the back putting them through computer. It was a forensics check really because when things were not in balance we had to find the exact reason. I became really good at spotting mistakes straight away, like when two numbers are transposed for example. They are easy mistakes but they can cause havoc. I still find this skill extremely useful in my present job as a seasoned and experienced bookkeeper.

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